Careers at TermSheet

We believe data and flexible software have the power to transform the real estate industry; and we’re looking for people who are passionate about finding a better way to do what’s always been done. 


Values That Guide Us


Build for Long-term

We may be a startup now but we won't be forever. We're creating a company (and product) built to go the distance; even if that means making a sacrifice in the short-term for the right decision in the long-run.


Feedback Driven

We give and seek feedback constantly with the goal of continuous improvement. We deliver it with kindness and accept it without ego.


Customers are partners

Customers are the lifeblood of our company. We treat them like they are part of our team and work with them as such.


No bad ideas

Innovation thrives when people are empowered to share their ideas. We listen with respect and never miss an opportunity to brainstorm.


Be Kind

Kindness is an asset in every circumstance. We approach everyone with the assumption that they are doing their best.


Have fun

One of the best ways to build a strong company culture and fight burnout is by having fun. We aim to do that as often as we can.

Benefits and Perks

Competitive Compensation

Above-market compensation and opportunities to build equity.

401(k) Match

US employees receive a 401(k) match to help them plan for their future.

Comprehensive Benefits

Complete medical, dental and vision coverage along with group life and AD&D benefits.

Remote-First Culture

Our team was built by capitalizing on technology and best practices for remote work.

Flexible Schedule

We believe in a healthy work-life balance. That means flexible hours, paid sick leave, and a work from anywhere policy.

Unlimited Vacation

Be sure to enjoy your life as much as you enjoy work. The company needs you at your best and your loved ones do too.

Open Positions

Our business is growing and so is our team. Check out the roles we’re hiring for below.

There are no open roles at this time.

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