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Veleta Capital is a premier private equity and investment management firm which provides institutional management services to support multiple verticals in real estate finance and investments. The management team has deep expertise in capital formation, finance, and investments, including operating, loan servicing, construction and asset management.

The Challenge

Initially, Veleta Capital was looking for a CRM and pipeline management tool for its sales group. The team needed something to help them automate manual processes and get out of Excel, according to Kirby Kojima, Vice President of Credit.

After implementing the platform, the team soon realized that TermSheet could help them solve another, even trickier problem: reporting and analytics. “Data-related issues are never fun to talk about but they’re so important for us to address — think about it — if our CEO or main investor is looking at a dashboard to understand our pipeline, we want to be pretty confident that what they’re looking at is accurate,” said Aaron Wright, Managing Director: Finance, Business Intelligence, and Capital Markets.

As with many real estate companies, one of the challenges Veleta faces is aggregating data from across multiple systems in its tech stack in order to report on performance.

"Before we started with TermSheet it was a very manual process to manage our pipeline and everything lived in Excel."
Kirby Kojima
Vice President of Credit

The TermSheet Solution

The TermSheet team worked closely with the Veleta team to help them take full advantage of TermSheet’s powerful API. While Kirby and the rest of his team are managing their deals in TermSheet, the TermSheet API is hard at work. Every hour TermSheet data is automatically pushed to a SQL database, allowing Veleta’s business intelligence dashboards to update with pipeline information in near real-time. 

“We have a high level of confidence in the accuracy of the information but that’s only possible because the API lets us get really granular really often and is functional enough to allow us to deposit it into a database where we can do that kind of analysis and that kind of scrubbing,” said Aaron Wright. 

“It wouldn’t be possible if we had to go into Excel every hour and download a bunch of formulas and data. No one has time for that.”

"The goal with anything we do is to be able to turn it into data. TermSheet’s awesome API allows us to pull our pipeline, contacts, and properties out of the system and into a cloud-based database so that they can then be turned into analytics reports and dashboards. "
Aaron Wright
Managing Director: Finance, Business Intelligence, and Capital Markets

Why Veleta Loves TermSheet

World-class Support
“The onboarding, post-onboarding, and the responsiveness from the TermSheet team has been outstanding. It’s great to know that if something comes up we can reach out and hear back right away,” said Aaron Wright.

Microsoft Outlook Integration
“The ability to create a scenario directly through Outlook has been super helpful and saved us a lot of time within our pipeline management. It’s great to be able to feed related emails right to TermSheet and track conversations we’re having with borrowers,” said Kirby Kojima

Microsoft Excel Integration
“When I’m sizing deals and have all the numbers in place – purchase prices, loan amounts, LTV, price per foot, price per unit – all these different metrics, I can map them in Excel and push them to TermSheet with just a click,” said Kirby Kojima

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