A data engine for better

TermSheet makes it easy for real estate teams to analyze,
visualize, and act on any dataset by automatically synthesizing
information once trapped in spreadsheets, PDFs, and folders.

Deal Insights

Go deeper on your deals.

Combine your internal deal data with public and 3rd party datasets to unlock insights that can be displayed in any configuration of your choosing — from maps to charts
to entire dashboards.

Excel Plugin

Take the pain out of managing your underwriting models.

TermSheet automatically syncs with your underwriting models and captures updates in real time while simultaneously extracting data you can use for future analysis. Save time by not having to manually update reports for pipeline meetings and memos for investment committee meetings.

Data Library

Add context for comprehensive analysis.

Choose from our library of 300+ statistics that include market, demographic, tax, and comp data pertaining to addresses of interest to build a better picture of your deal.

Comparables Database

Comps you can trust.

Build your own comps database with readily accessible historical deal data, making it simple to evaluate how new deals compare to deals you’ve evaluated in the past. Easily search, add, remove comps to create the perfect comp set for each one of your deals.

Parceled Pro

made simple.

Layer custom datasets over a nationwide parcel aggregator
for easy prospecting as you build your pipelines. 


TermSheet works where you work.

With a library of advanced plugins and seamless integrations that’s always growing, you can automatically sync everything you do, while you do it, where you normally do it.

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