What’s New: Capabilities for Managing and Editing Custom Fields

Control required fields by status: Users have been asking for the ability to maintain a set of fields that have to be filled out before moving a deal to a given status. You can control fields by status by going into admin -> Dropdowns and then within the Status dropdowns you can select which fields are required. Once done, anytime a user attempts to move a deal to a given status, if those required fields are not selected a popup will display asking the user to complete those fields. Right now it does not prevent the status from saving, it simply warns the user to complete the required fields.

Edit custom fields: Users now have the ability to edit custom field settings after they have been created or add additional options to dropdown fields.

Create readonly fields: Admins can now create and control readonly fields that can accessed but not modified. In order to do this:
1. Go to “Settings” by clicking gear icon found in the top right of the screen.
2. Click “Custom Fields.”
3. From here you can create or edit a custom field by using the “Mark as readonly” checkbox.

Formulas within number fields: Number and Decimal fields now support formulas. For example, you can type: =3*4 or =2+5 to be automatically calculated within the web browser.