What’s New: Dynamic Pipelines and Sharing Capabilities

Dynamic Pipelines

Currently when you add a new deal, you will add it to a specific pipeline, but this limits you when you would like to see all deals across all pipelines. For example if you would like to see all multifamily deals no matter which pipeline that were added to, you previously couldn’t do this. But with Dynamic pipelines you can. Simply add a new pipeline with the “dynamic” drop down, then you can save filters with that pipeline.

Share Pipelines + Guest Accounts

If you click the + sign next to a pipeline you can associate an existing user with the member role to a given pipeline which will give them access to all deals in that pipeline or you can invite ‘Guest Users’ which will send an email to a new user where they can sign up as a ‘guest’ and gain access to that given pipeline. This is useful if you are working with an outside broker or partner who you would like to be able to add deals directly to a given pipeline.