What’s New: File Organization and Document Creation

Generate documents: You can upload documents to an account folder and then within a deal you can now select ‘Generate Document’. This will allow you to select a docx/pdf which will then automatically fill and generate the document based on the data within the deal. Steps:

  1. Click into a deal
  2. Click the vertical dots on upper right hand side of the deal
  3. From there click “Generate Doc”

Share files and folders: Users can now share a file or folder with an external contact. You can do so by following the steps:

  1. Go into a deal
  2. Click “Files” at the top 
  3. Find the file or folder that you want to share and go to the 3 vertical dots on the row then click “Share”
  4. From here a popup will display where you can enter the contact name or email address. It will send an email to the selected contacts with a link to view the folder/files.

Reorder files: You can now drag and drop files to update the order of your files.