What’s New: More Control Over Custom Reports

There are two major updates for reporting within TermSheet being rolled out.

Enhanced Filtering for Dashboards
We have enhanced our Dashboards to allow for more granular filtering per chart. Previously you could only filter the data at the dashboard level meaning some charts didn’t make sense given the dashboard-wide filter. Secondly, we have added support for a new aggregation type called “SUM” which will allow you to sum any field within a given chart as opposed to just counting records for a particular aggregation.

Scheduling Reports
We have extended our PDF reporting capabilities by giving more control over sending those reports. As a reminder to access these reports, go to a pipeline and click on the ‘chart’ icon on the bottom of the pipeline. Once in a report you now have more control over when reports can be sent out with options like ‘Weekly’, ‘Biweekly’, ‘Monthly’ as well as the ability to choose which days of the week the reports will be sent.