What’s New: Track Loan Quotes, Tenants, Dispositions

Loan Quotes 

If you are a debt broker,  you need a place to manage and track your loan quotes received from different lenders. If you are an investor, managing your debt process you can use this module to track different quotes that you may have received from each lender.

Tenants Module

If you are a retail investor looking to track tenants in a given property along with some of the metrics associated with those tenants such as square footage, rent, concessions etc. you can use this module to do so.


For a while you could track offers using the ‘Offers’ panel within the overview screen, but we just rolled out the ability to also track dispositions.  You can enable this on your account by going to the overview page, clicking “edit layout” from the vertical-dot menu on the top right and then adding the ‘Dispositions’ panel.