What’s New: Toggle Parcel Boundaries and More User Experience Improvements

Updates to Maps, charts, and sort and drag and drop capabilities give users a more seamless experience within TermSheet.

Hide/Show Parcel Boundaries

TermSheet users now have the ability to turn parcel boundaries on and off by using the checkbox within the parcel layers. Previously, parcel boundaries were always on by default. 

Series on Charts

Charts just got a face-lift. Rather than just segmenting data on your dashboard by a single variable, you can now add a ‘Series’ which will further segment the data within a bar chart. For example you would see the total number of deals by status and market within the same chart.

Dropdown Order

Upgraded functionality within the admin dropdown settings allows users to simply drag and drop rows to update their order. Changes will save automatically.

Bug Fix: Sort-by Any Field in Reports

Now you can sort-by any field when creating a report. Previously, a bug allowed the sort-by capability to work only with status or date fields.