All your deals, dealt with.

TermSheet’s powerful productivity tools help real estate teams
execute deals more efficiently through seamless collaboration,
streamlined workflows, and a centralized database.

Pipeline Management

Your pipeline, unlocked

Track and manage multiple pipelines in one place with a flexible interface that allows you to customize views and workflows to your specific needs.

Transform your pipeline information with four different views, including geo-visualizations and kanban boards, so you can track your deal data like you want to.

Choose from 30+ fields or create your own custom fields to build deal dashboards with your most important data. Flexible inline editing allows you to rearrange fields and widgets for easy customization.

Collaborate on deals in real-time with teammates in TermSheet or external contacts. Advanced permissioning let’s you decide who can see what.

Build reports that capture the information you need for more efficient team meetings and create formal outputs with the ability to white-label.

Process Management

Automate routine work

Dive into what needs to get done deal by deal to keep your investments on track. Save time by streamlining due diligence and automating workflows.

Create templates for your most common business functions to eliminate time spent recreating your team’s routine workflows — especially when it comes to due diligence.

Level up your to-do list with TermSheet’s task feature. Create tasks that include everything you need to get the job done — including descriptions, checklists, and related files and contacts. Add task assignees, due dates, and comments to collaborate in real-time.   

Relationship Management

Enterprise-grade CRM

Organize all your deal-related interactions, emails, contact info, and files in a single searchable hub.

Add notes, files, and custom tags in addition to standard contact information.

Easily track interactions with automatically logged emails by syncing TermSheet with your email provider.

Send a message directly to your contact without leaving the TermSheet platform.

Associate contacts with deals and tasks to collaborate on action items. Paint a picture of who you worked with, on what and when.

Document Management

Organization made easy

Centralize all your documents for underwriting, diligence, sourcing and more. Provide easy access to teammates and external contacts so everyone stays in the loop.

TermSheet can access your documents wherever you store them in the cloud – without changing your existing workflow. Sync all deal-related files with the corresponding deal in TermSheet.

TermSheet automatically tracks who makes changes to documents and when, eliminating confusion for teams and ensuring you never lose work.


TermSheet works where you work.

With a library of advanced plugins and seamless integrations that’s always growing, you can automatically sync everything you do, while you do it, where you normally do it.

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