New tools for old tricks.

Real estate professionals get more value out of their datasets
and more efficiencies out of their workflows with TermSheet.

Productivity Meets Intelligence

End-to-End Deal Management

Robust deal management tools combined with a powerful CRM let you collaborate with your team at every stage of a deal and stay organized while you do it.

Untapped Data Made Accessible

TermSheet extracts data from your normal workflow, enabling you to build a proprietary database packed with insights.

Everything You Need,
All in One Place

Your tools and internal deal data coupled with public and third party datasets in a single platform improves your process without changing it.


Optimize essential business functions

TermSheet’s powerful productivity tools help real estate teams execute deals more efficiently through seamless collaboration, streamlined workflows, and a centralized database.


Track and manage all your deals in one place.


Streamline due diligence and automate workflows.


Manage key contacts with an enterprise-grade CRM.


Centralize all your documents for every deal.


Unlock advanced insights

TermSheet makes it easy for real estate teams to analyze,
visualize, and act on any data by automatically synthesizing information once trapped in spreadsheets, PDFs, and folders.

Deal Insights

Go deeper on your deals to identify trends and winning strategies.

Data Library

300+ statistics help you build a better picture of your deal.

Comps Database

Historical deal data automatically creates a comps database you know you can trust.

Parceled Pro

Create heatmaps with your data for sophisticated prospecting.

Excel Plugin

Leave broken spreadsheets behind with real-time sync for all your financial models.


TermSheet works where you work.

With a library of advanced plugins and seamless integrations that’s always growing, you can automatically sync everything you do, while you do it, where you normally do it.

Customer Story

Lincoln Property Company

With over 50 years of global and multi-disciplinary real estate experience, Lincoln Property Company is one of the largest and most well respected real estate services firms in the United States. Lincoln’s international footprint includes offices in 200 cities across the United States and 10 cities throughout Europe.

TermSheet has allowed us to be more efficient in our acquisitions process from the moment the deal is sourced all the way to the closing table.

Jordan Kovalsky
VP, LPC Chicago

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