Tools Built for Real Estate Lenders

Meet TermSheet for Lenders

Manage relationships with borrowers and brokers, track debt deals, and derive insights to determine leading revenue sources and inform business strategies, all with TermSheet.

Collaborate With Your Partners

Share deals, tasks, and documents with deal partners to work together in real-time. Advanced permissioning lets you decide who can see and edit what.

Automatically Track Loan Applications

Stay on top of every single loan application with a branded loan portal that automatically adds debt deals to your pipeline or add deals directly from your inbox.

Create Executive Reports with Ease

Create dynamic pipeline reports and dashboards that break deals out by stage, type, source, and more.

Streamline Diligence and Internal Workflows

Automate due diligence and your lending checklists with our suite of task management tools. Never miss a step when it comes to originating, underwriting, and closing deals.


Connect with your favorite tools


Access the electronic agreements you manage with DocuSign from within TermSheet.


TermSheet syncs with your underwriting model automatically, meaning you don’t have to worry about updating TermSheet with your latest underwriting; TermSheet does this for you in real-time.


Capture deal data from an email and add it to TermSheet without leaving your inbox. Sync your contacts and deal-related emails with TermSheet’s CRM.

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